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Why? Free Computer Classes !

Living in New York so many years, I have seen my own Pakistani community left behind in the race of technology. When we were earning dollars at the same time Indians were learning technology. India Certainly has taken its technology share very quickly whereas we were in the race of blaming others but not doing some constructive work. You will not believe that even as of today August 23rd. 2004. There is not even one community center where people can go and get free information about local city jobs, education, and other facilities. For new arrived immigrants, there is ZERO HELP available.

To make Pakistani Community more computer literal, I have finally decided to start 100% FREE Computer Basic Courses to teach our people, the ABC of Computer. The first Computer Class was started in the Queen's Area of New York on February 2004.

After 2 different sessions of about 12 week each, held in Queens, New York. A new Computer Class has been started in Brooklyn, New York on July 2004.

So far total of 2 computer classes are in session in the New York City Area.

Call me at 917-991-4948 and register yourself for the free computer basic learning course. These courses can lead you to a professional level if you continue to attend these classes. Keep in mind that these classes are taught in Urdu Language and no age restrictions to register for the class. Any age group can attend these classes as long as they have urge of learning the computers........................

Let's Make a Strong Pakistan

This Site is designed with a theme in mind that we all have to work hard in order to make Pakistan, A strong and powerful Pakistan. And to do that, We must have to learn new technologies such as Computers. Now a day, computers are in our life just as basic thing, It does not considered as a luxury anymore.

My Dream and Mission !

As Bill Gate, (Microsoft's CEO), once had a dream to see computer in each and every kitchen in the USA. And with the help of his own people, He was able to accomplish his dream

Same way, I have a dream for my own country Pakistan to see each and every person to be a computer savvy. I wish to see computer in each and every home in our villages as well. This should not be an accessory to just riches only. But every person should have an access to it.

Jobs Available for Pakistani's in USA

A variety of information will be available on this site to help you gain city jobs as well as free city resources to help new Pakistani immigrants. We will try to give you the information on Education to Immigration and from Jobs to local small businesses.

Keep checking this site for future updates and new links will be added as time passes by, This will have more and more links, If you have any information, which you think can be beneficial for Pakistani Immigrants, Please email them to at


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